Welcome to Debt Collection WA

We Offer No Limitations - Any Type of Debt For Any Amount!

Welcome to First International Debt Collection

At First International Debt Collection we strive to be a world leader in debt recovery and debt collection in Western Australia. We understand that bad or doubtful debt is stressful for an individual, but for a striving business endeavouring to maintain a profit margin, it can be toxic. It is crucial, therefore to tackle the recovery expediently and with utmost professionalism.


Yes, First International Debt Collection take on one-off debts regardless of their nature and size. No debt is too small for First International Debt Collection to handle.


First International Debt Collection is one of the few debt collection firms that possess the knowledge, the experience and the resources to recover tenancy debt. Tenancy debt is a highly specialist area and cannot be tackled without membership to major national tenancy databases.

First International Debt Collection have such membership, enabling us to track defaulting tenants and recover unpaid rent and property damage.

Personal Attention

Call the Licensee, Richard Adams 1300 543 118

Our Debt Collection Services in Western Australia are based on:

  • No Collection, no Fee!
  • Field agents experienced in face-to-face recovery.
  • Immediate Action!
  • No limitation as to type of Debt or the Amount!
  • Tenancy Debt Recovery! This is a highly skilled facet of our operation. We handle Commercial and Residential tenancy recoveries across the nation
  • Overseas Debts - We recover worldwide!

Why Choose First International Debt Collection?

With many years of experience in the industry, our professional team at First International Debt Collection have recovered and collected debt for numerous clients in Western Australia. From individuals to large corporations, we have dealt with all sorts of clients and have the required skills, experience, knowledge and networks to track down your debt.

For further information on our range of services and how we can help to collect your debt, please contact our team today. With no amount too large or small, you can get your debt back with the debt collectors at First International Debt Collection.

We Offer No Limitations - Any Type of Debt For Any Amount!

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